We have to offer Planet Nine a fully Open source and non anonym Token.

Planet Nine is BEP-20 Token on the BSC Binance Smart Chain.

Developed by the CSTRSK team

CSTRSK develops since 2008 Apps and Software and is now expanding to Web3 and Planet Nine will be the Second Project after Crypto Apartments the CRA ICO wasn't successful in 2017.

Is it Safe?

Our Awnser? Make sure yourself! We don't have any thing to hide. Opensource Take a look at our SOL code and make sure of the security of the protocol for yourself.

Sol code on BscScan - Sol code on GitHub

Rug pull? 5,836.461402 Cake-LP Token Send to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Our Account is 0x18c9210f5a98a53a0a3b01880844382614089ee9 our PlanetNine Balance is 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 Planet9 Updated amounts can be Tracked here our Planet9 Balance

Detailed informations

Let's have a look for the Numbers:

Total = 9000000000 * 10**9 * 10**9 = 9e+27
TaxFee = 9% 
LiquidityFee = 9% 
Max Transaction Amount = 9000000 * 10**9 * 10**9 = 9e+24 
Tokens Sell To Add To Liquidity = 900000 * 10**9 * 10**9 = 9e+23

So Planet Nine offers a 9% fee auto add to the liquidity pool. To locked forever when selling. A 9% fee auto distributed to all holders. We created a black hole so Planet Nine will deflate itself in supply with every transaction.

Why buy Planet Nine Tokens? Because it's affordable and Safe and a great investment opportunity for every one. Even for small and micro Investors. The initial cap for 9 quadrillion Planet Nine token is just around 2$. But we have a Cap how many tokens can be bought and sold with every transaction.

So why you're waiting for? Let's join our journey to Planet Nine!

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